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Default Re: Panasonic Introduces Next-Generation Blu-ray Disc Player, the DMP-BD30

Originally Posted by THEGM View Post
I've had my Panasonic DMP-BD30 for about a month now and I am quite pleased with it. This is my second Blu-Ray player and it is connected to a SHARP AQUOS LCD-37D62U and a Marantz 8000 5.1 surround system.
I also have a Sony PS3 in the Master Bedroom on a Panasonic 32-inch LCD TV. I've had those two working for about 9 months with no problems whatsoever.
The only 'glitch' I've experienced on the new Panasonic/Sharp combination is this:
When I switch inputs from HDMI 5 (DISH VIP-622) to HDMI 6 (Panasonic BD30), I will often see an 'Incompatible Input HDMI' message on the SHARP TV. The Panasonic Blu-Ray 'screensaver' will display, but the proportions are all wrong. THe screen is 'stretched' with a large portion not visible.
I can usually fix this by turning off the Panasonic and then turning it back on.
Has anyone seen this error on other systems? I've tried this same Panasonic on my Panasonic TV without seeing this error. So, I'm unsure if this is a Panasonic issue or a Sharp one.
Any thoughts?

Have you upgraded the firmware from V1.1 to v1.2? I read that this addressed "playability and stability" issues. I have not had any problems.
Good luck.
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