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That is awesome. Nice to see a New Yorker. Innovative was the first place I heard, as I was telling Jerry, one of the best demos of my life. The small Pro ac bookshelf speakers with Mark Levinson electronics. I have never forgotten those Pro acs and that demo.

The Spectral DMA100S is a great amp. I hope you get to live that dream.
I've heard that with Spectral, similar to Naim, it's best to stay within the brand for pre-amp/amp. They utilize bespoke interconnects from MIT on their non-universal components, that ultimately means you're better off using Spectral amp and pre-amp.

Have you ever heard Spectral in combination with non-Spectral sources?

I'm hoping the price point will be attractive because they are American made. I'm finding many of the non-US companies are getting very expensive due to the weak dollar, e.g. Naim, Burmester, T+A.
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