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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

You know I agree with you as I notified you I am buying the Def Tech Mythos ST's for my reference system today! These speakers cost $1,799 each and can easily hang with $20K/ pair systems. I am not kidding on this one! I was all out set to sell my extra car and use the cash for new speakers. I spent a month or so with the new Def Tech's and quite frankly I am keeping the car and the speakers!

The full review will be out soon, but suffice it to say I kept the car and these speakers......
Yeah kenny, I noticed in another thread you talking about how much fun you were having with the Mythos!! I was at Best Buy this afternoon, and they have the 7002, 7004s, and the small bookshelfs w.subs Andrew is talking about.
But I believe, the Mythos are a "special order."But, the good news is a product like this, can draw many more mainstream customers to the high end. Everyone wins then.
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