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Default Re: Titanic Themed Theater in Nashville

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Right but the theater is circular?

Why must architects get "cute" and design such horrible acoustical designs?

I was in a house equally as nice and it had an Octagon shaped HT. The man had a Meridian/Wilson combination. It sounded... like a NAD/PSB setup. While I thought it sounded good it had little of the characteristics I associate with the equipment being used all because of the incredibly dumb idea of putting it in an octagon shaped room. Each angle was equidistant (is that a word?) from each other. It was horrible.

I see this nonsense all the time. Shouldn't an architect be designing the room for what it's to be used for?

I had to explain to my architect that I wanted a Rectangle and using the Golden Rule of measurements in addition to the crazy floating floor, ceiling, walls. He was actually stunned to realize it all makes a difference.
I don`t know this for sure, but architects probably no buildings, walls, that is what they do and went to school for. But, knowing how what they may think is a great design that they made, a maybe it is, will make Architectural Digest, but for them to know how it interacts with sound and music, unless they love music themselves, that may be asking too much??
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