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Default Separate Amplifier vs. Onkyo 805?

I was planning to upgrade a Yamaha RX-V659 with separate pre/pro and multi-channel applifiers. But now I'm wondering if route makes any sense.

In Andrew's review of the Onkyo TX-SR805, he mentioned that "The latest crop of receivers .. has not only been rather exceptional but measurably better than their costlier rivals, separate home theater components. ... Oh, and they sound freaking great."

My question: If I want to go the 'separates' route (Outlaw, Emotivia, Sherwood), what series do I need to jump up to before I will really notice any material difference? Can I go the 'separates' route under $1.5K and do materially better than the Onkyo SR805? What if I bump up to $2.5K?

Primary use: music (2ch and multi-channel) is 95%.

[speakers: Paradigm Studio 100 v2; Axiom QS8 for surrounds]

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