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Default Re: Anthem D2 or Arcam AV9?

It depends on what's most important to you. Are you looking for maximum feature set or is the audio section most important. I personally am going to purchase an Anthem AVM 50. I would prefer the D2 but I can't justify the $2000.00 price difference.

Arcam makes a great product at a reasonable price point with fantastic sound. But it falls short on features IMHO. Plus I'm not real fond of the way the Arcams look. But I think that's just typical British styling. To "Plane Jane" looking for me. But if it's hidden in a cabinet, who cares.

Anthem on the other hand is loaded with features and sound is also second to none. I don't know of any other processor or receiver that comes close to the feature set that the Anthem provides. Separate cross over settings for each speaker group (Fronts, Center, Surrounds), HDMI 1.1 which will pass not only video but Lossless HD Audio. I don't know of any other processor currently on the market that will do that. A top notch video scaler in the AVM 50 and D2. PC programmability for all the settings within the Anthem line. B & K does this also but I'm not sure who else offers this great feature.

Lot's of things to consider. But if money is no object I would pick the Anthem D2 hands down!
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