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Default Re: Pioneer Kuro Plamsa HDTVs

Hi, there, just joined your forum, longtime mag reader and fan.... do a lot of reading and occasional post over at AVS. Anyway, I am going to purchase either the non-Elite or Elite 50" Kuro after Christmas/first part of January and move my 4th generation Pioneer plasma into the bedroom. My question for those of you who may know is this: I have a large collection of SD DVDs. I have been waiting out this war, and when I get into it, many of my DVDs may not be issued on HD/BD, or I may not choose to spend the additional money to replace some of them. I am looking at possibly the Oppo 981 to go with the Kuro, and move my Denon 2910 into the bedroom along with a Denon receiver with HDMI (hoping the "handshake" works so I can use the video switching along with my DTV receiver). Now the question "smiles", sorry for all the pre-explanation: Is the scaler and de-interlacer in the Kuro better than most of what is available in a good DVD player, or not? The reviews for the Oppo rave about the pic scaled to 1080P. It uses the DCDI chipset I believe. Or........ is the scaler and de-interlacer in the Kuro so good that I would be better off to send it a 480i signal and let the Pioneer do it's thing. I realize this is somewhat subjective and dependant on the DVD player being used; just seeking opinions from those of you that have this plasma or have seen it, as well as knowing something about the internals. Thanks!!!

PS: one other caveat I forgot to mention, the Kuros I believe have a "1 to 1" pixel match option. Curious if a better picture is obtained sending the plasma a 1080p signal and setting the Pioneer to "1 to 1". I realize the Oppo 1080p is an upscaled 480i, but curious just the same. Also Oppo is coming out with a new model, the 983, that uses Anchor Bay technology for de-interlacing and scaling ..... may be my solution until a winner emerges.

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