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Default Re: Slumping U.S. Economy Puts Sting on AV Industry


Not only AV gear....I have to part with my childhood dream '07 C6 Z51 LT3 Lemans Blue Corvette....seems they are going begging at the moment as well!


I hear you on the car issue.

While I am not selling under duress - my 1997 Twin Turbo 911 has been up for sale since July 27 and I have yet to sell it. I have come close 5 times now. It feels jinxed honestly.

In the end - having a $70,000 used car that I have put 2,000 miles on in over 2 years just doesn't seem to make sense anymore. I just wish I took the offer for $82,500 that I got 10 months ago. Ooof...
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