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Default Re: Genus, Species and the Playstation 3

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
No I'm just not brainwashed or blind. You claim PS3 games look better, you're so brainwashed you see things that aren't there.
So your asking me if I'm going to believe you or my lying eyes??

Is it possible for the PS3 games to have better physics? Yes. This is where their games can become cooler, but so far nobody has taken advantage of this... yet. It won't be in graphics the RAM, etc. is all in the 360's favor.
The PS3 is 1 year old, the 360 is 2 years old, there is a learning curve when using new tech, it's always easier to fall back on the old stuff but if you want to advance you have to learn the new stuff which is starting to happen & the results are coming soon.
As for graphics you will not convince me that Forza looks better than GT5P.

And those pics aren't even in HD here & they look great.

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