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Default Re: Genus, Species and the Playstation 3

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
And I figured you out, your not a HD-DVD fanboy your a Sony Hater.
Hmmm... that is funny. To think of all the hard work I did designing for them. I sure showed them!

No I'm just not brainwashed or blind. You claim PS3 games look better, you're so brainwashed you see things that aren't there.

Not one professional in the industry will tell you the PS3 has better graphics capability that has any integrity or isn't paid by Sony. The PS3 can't handle HD Anti-Aliasing. Do you just refuse to understand that point? They use BACK BUFFER UPSCALING. The games are designed at lower resolutions and then upscaled!

Is it possible for the PS3 games to have better physics? Yes. This is where their games can become cooler, but so far nobody has taken advantage of this... yet. It won't be in graphics the RAM, etc. is all in the 360's favor.

I've seen a port from PS3 to 360 in beta stages and it looks great on the 360 dev kit. So I'm not drinking that kool aid. I can think for myself.

You keep pointing at the numbers showing how big and bad the PS3 is. Why not post graphical CAPABILITIES between the two?
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