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Default Re: Genus, Species and the Playstation 3

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
I finally figured you out... You're a PS3 fanatic.
And I figured you out, your not a HD-DVD fanboy your a Sony Hater.

Anyone who has an inkling of programming knowledge understands the PS3 is a giant paperweight in comparison to the 360.
I guess by programing knowledge you mean too lazy to learn a new system so you try to make the other system look bad (can you say Valve?)

I do not have all the electronics background but I do know if you tried to run Folding@Home on a Xbox 360 it would melt while the PS3's processing power has set new records in gene research.
My PS3 has been running the folding@Home program 24/7 since it came out in March & hasn't even gotten hot, a 360 doing that would have died several times since then.

While I'm on the subject how about build quality?
I've heard of very few PS3 problems but even the big 360 fanboy sites are full of stories about "the Red Ring of Death".
That only cost Microsoft another Billion dollars on a console that has never made a profit!

Just comparing a game like Forza Motorsports to a free demo like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue shows the capabilities of the PS3, I mean a free demo blows away a complete game graphics wise, I can hardly wait for my copy of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue to get here from Hong Kong in just over a week, it should hold me over till the full Gran Turismo 5 arrives next year.

Just wait till the programmers start developing for the PS3 first (well, the lazy ones won't) then you'll see just how bad a port can be on the 360.
First they'll have to down rez the audio & video & they'll have to shorten the game for lack of space on a DVD & then they'll have to change the gameplay because there are no motion sensitive controllers on the 360 and last but not least having to rework the games for 360's without hard drives because MS has stated that hard drives will never be required on any 360 games since the cheaper versions don't come with a hard drive (which is something the developers do not like).
You'll see crappy ports then!

Don't even get me started on how the PS3 is becoming less and less technically superior with each new option either...
Meanwhile every new 360 being built now has HDMI 1.2, which is a big upgrade over the previously lacking units.
Just more proof of your Sony hating.
Sony is giving options not making it "less technically superior ".
The PS3 is still expensive to build so they are expensive to buy, by putting fewer options on the cheaper versions more people can get in on the PS3.
All of the important stuff is still there including HDMI 1.3 & a hard drive.

Anyway how is that any different than the Xbox arcade version that is a stripped down version of the 360 that doesn't have a hard drive?
As for the HDMI ports that's just playing catch up since not all of them had them in the beginning like the PS3 did, oh and the PS3's HDMI ports are & always have been v1.3.

Meanwhile every new 360 being built now has HDMI 1.2, which is a big upgrade over the previously lacking units
Not bad, maybe one day they'll catch up to the PS3 which has had HDMI 1.3 since day one!

I'm big into driving games & I can say that early games like Formula 1 Championship edition & Motorstorm have way better graphics & audio than any 360 release titles & the new games like GT5P & DiRT (which looks better on the PS3 than it does on the 360) are showing that the good programmers are starting to figure out how to use the PS3's power.
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