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Default Re: Defintive Technolgy TRINITY SUB

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
FWIW I have considered the Trinity sub, and m,ight get one to go with my Mythos ST's.

Can you buy a better subwoofer? Likely yes.

Can you get one close to as good for the $$? I highly doubt it!
Have you heard of the $1,600 Epik Conquest, which was recently independently tested by Tom Nousaine?

At 2 meters in a 7,500 cubic feet room, the Conquest produced bass down to 12.5Hz @ 103.9dB w/ 3.4% distortion. This means it could easily produce 10Hz @ 104dB & @ 2 meters in a 3,500 cf room.

According to Epik, it would take TWO of the $15,000 Velodyne DD-1812 subs to produce the same amount of bass @ 20Hz as the Conquest! That's $30,000 vs $1,600!

It would take FIVE of the $10,000 Genelec HTS6 subs to produce the same amount of bass @ 16Hz as the Conquest! That's $50,000 vs $1,600!
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