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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Ratchet is so far the best game for the PS3...

Heavenly Sword is ok but really not that good. Your opinion may very... but it wasn't very good to me.

Assassins Creed is entertaining and at least really cool to see the ancient cities so carefully recreated... but it's another example of the 360 being graphically superior with much better frame rates. However if you havent seen the 360 version it will still be entertaining. Plus its got the freakiest ending I've seen to a game in a long time.
Frame rates for Assassins Creed are better because, again, there are many a shoddy developer out there, that isn't taking the time to port games properly to the PS3. It proves nothing graphically, it only proves that a game that's coded very poorly for one console, can look almost exactly the same as one that's coded perfectly for another. Which honestly, doesn't really say much about the 360. We're 2 years into the 360's life, and the PS3 has matched already, it's graphics. Next year, you'll see the PS3 starting to take the lead, and likely the year after, the 360 being completely left in the dust.

So far here are the games i've played and my impressions:

Heavenly Sword - I know alot of people really got annoyed with how much cinematics there were in the game, and at times it was annoying to me as well, but overall, I liked the story they were telling, and Andy Serkis' crew (LoTR series), did a fantastic job with the character modeling. All in all, a pretty short game, but the environments were fantastic, the combat was intense and enjoyable, and far less repetitious than Assassins Creed.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune - Gotta say this is probably the best game I've played on the PS3 thus far, had me glued to the TV for about 2 days before I conquered it. Only issue with this one is that it was pretty quick. Environments and Dynamic lighting here exceed anything I've seen thus far on the PS3.

Armored Core 4 - Great game, lots of fun, but I still think the best Mech game on the market is the Xbox 1's Steel Batallion (granted the game costs $250 new, but it's still a sick game).

Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Amazing game, and quite difficult, don't think you're getting through this without some serious hair pulling.

Assassins Creed - When I first started playing it, it was great, after about 5 hours into it, my opinion changed. The mind-numbing repitition in this game saps my will to live. 2 side quests that are the same in each of the 9 ingenius. The only real 'challenge' is finding the Flag's in each area. Graphics were beautiful, but the gameplay was severely lacking.

Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection (PSN Download) - Awesome, always have and always will love the Tekken series. More characters than Tekken 5 and more than Tekken 3. Works for me. And all characters have some new moves. Rock on.

Warhawk - A little disappointed that there isn't any single player, but that was pretty much erased when I started my first online game. Very beautiful environments again, intense air-to-air combat, that really puts you in the machine w/ the six-axis functionality turned on. Love it. Only Chief Sergeant at the moment, but I'll hit General (someday).

Gran Turismo 4 HD - Even though Polyphony Digital abandoned this, for a full new GT5 version, I downloaded it via the PSN, and have played it virtually everyday since. One track, but it's the new Eiger track, so it's not something that was actually in GT4. Lots of fun and can still post my best times online.

Resistance: Fall of Man - God I love this game, and playing Co-Op is great too. Almost makes it worth the buy just because the Church of England got ****ed. Booo, down with the papacy! Great environments though, lots of different things to kill and bonuses' to achieve etc... love it!

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