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Default Re: Yet another receiver suggestion thread

Andrew & Jerry's posts caught my attention so I wanted to see if they (or others) could weigh in on my question:

Should I upgrade to Onkyo 805, to Emotivia/Outlaw, or keep what I have? My primary objective is audio (2ch and multi-channel) with very limited movie watching.

Current: Yamaha RX-V659 but using NAD 370 to drive Front L/R (Paradigm Studio 100s)

Here are the options I'm considering:

1. Onkyo TX-SR805
- Adds HDMI input (for multi-channel audio source from Oppo and HD players)
- Purchased during recent sales following Black Friday (nice price)

2. Keep Yamaha R-V659 but use multi-channel Emotivia or Outlaw AMP
- Use NAD for different room

3. Go with separate pre-processor and an Emotivia / Outlaw multi-channel AMP
- Most expensive but I've always been a 'separates' oriented person
- But only interested if total cost < $2K and more than 1.5x improvement over Onkyo 805

4. Keep what I have (Yamaha V659 + NAD 370)
- Is the Onkyo 805 a significant upgrade or perhaps a downgrade vs. NAD 370?
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