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Default Re: Retiring Baby Boomers Fuel Two-Channel - Sales Surge in 2007

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
The Cell processor while in theory is powerful, in practice it's actually not capable of what the 360 is. I've got many programmer friends and they all say the PS3 is a nightmare and the Cell sucks. Somewhere I saw a programmer for I believe THQ who does work on both post a detailed difference in capabilities graphics wise between the two systems and the 360 is hands down the superior. While the BD disc can hold more data it can't get the data off the disc as fast as the 360 can. The DVD drive in that 360 spins at speeds much faster than the BD disc. It's one reason the unit is so damn loud.

I wish I knew where that post was it's actually rather informative.

Still on subject most baby boomers did not know enough about SACD.

I know a Boutique store here who did it's best business in 8 years this last year. So they don't see a reason to change anything.
I disagree: The pipeling on the 360 is not wide band enough to handle the graphics data stream because HD on the 360 was an afterthought when MicroSoft realized the Sony PS3 was going to be full HDTV. And actually when I said that the PS3 was superior to the 360 I was not just talking graphics...have a look at the failure rate of the 360 out there in the field....that's what I'm talking about.

And I still disagree with you regarding's the baby boomer who designed the SACD marketed and sold the SACD so how could you come up with such an unqualified statement? Ridiculous...the reason we did not buy in to the technology is that we were not convinced that SACD is necessary for sound quality. We did a double blind listening test of the same music on the same system at the 2003 CES show here in Montreal at the Delta hotel. The show was a sell out over the 3 days and was advertised to joe public. Almost everyone who attended the show was an average consumer. We noticed that only half of the people who came in and did the test could hear the difference between a SACD disc and a Chesky reference CD. Who would be foolish enough to start an entire CD collection over just for SACD or DVD-Audio? We started talking about the potential of these formats in 1998! That's almost 10 years ago. And if I am a baby boomer that means that I was in my 40's back then and earning enough to invest in one....which I did not. The Gen x's who were 10 years younger did not even care about this stuff...they were more interested in playing DOOM on the latest sooped up P2 Win98 machines!
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