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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
That's because the developers are too lazy to maximize it for the PS3 & just port it over.

There are some dual platform games coming that are developed for the PS3 first & will look amazing & then down rezzed to work on the 360.

the PS3 is a true next gen system not just a warmed over last gen system so it will take some dedication to realize it's full potential.
Do you have any clue what you're talking about?

Sure the PS3 suffers from games being ported to it, but all that shows is the systems inability to handle HD Anti-Aliasing and is the reason for the major and it is major generally half the FPS of the 360. That is because...

The 360 is vastly superior at graphics. Sure the processor is potentially more powerful but the GPU on the PS3 is seriously lacking. The reason some companies are going to port to the 360 is because they hope it will improve the FPS of the PS3 title. Which it might, but that game will not be as good looking as it could have been because it was designed for the graphically inferior product.

I wish I could google the thread written by one of the premier programmers in the industry about the 2 consoles and why the 360 is superior and the total graphics differences but I haven't been successful at it yet.

The PS3 as a superior console is just Ken Kutaragi's wet dream and obvious ignorance of the competition.

Even the BD is useless. Most programmers will tell you that Heavenly Sword could be made for the 360 and look better without any problems. There just isn't a reason for the BD in the unit other than to play movies.
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