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Default Re: Genus, Species and the Playstation 3

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
What it is called is the only true next gen gaming system.
It uses Blu-Ray discs for games because you can get more high definition audio & video content on a Blu-Ray disc than you can a CD or DVD.
It has a browser so you can go online to get content from the Playstation store.

You forgot it's also a media server.

All these are just a part of being a real next gen system, the Xbox 360 is just Xbox version 1.5, basically just a Xbox with HD & the Wii is just a repackaged game cube with motion control.

So it's a next gen gaming system with a bunch of extras.
I finally figured you out... You're a PS3 fanatic.

Anyone who has an inkling of programming knowledge understands the PS3 is a giant paperweight in comparison to the 360. The SPUs in the PS3 look like potentially on paper they can create around 51M DPOs. In practice I've yet to hear of more than 25M being achieved. The 360 does around 33M. The fact remains it is far simpler to program for the 360 than the PS3 and so far all the PS3 has is potential... but that doesn't anwer:

GPUs... it's not even close. All that potential processing power (some believe that somebody at some point will get near those 51M DPOs the cell is capable of) and they pair it up with a GPU that isn't even built for HD anit-aliasing? That was genius. Have you seen reports of multiplatform games that compare FPS? PS3 games have less resolution than 360 and generally less FPS. The 360 GPU is far, far, far superior over the PS3. It's not close and anyone who says the PS3 is capable of better graphics is uneducated on the matter. Fill rates, anti-aliasing, pixel & vertex processing power... the 360 wins in a landslide.

The 360 is just amazing at rendering HD anti-aliased back buffers. For multiplatform games, the PS3 just can't do it. So the programmers are forced to "cheat." They run in non-hd resolutions and use low quality anti-aliasing techniques. The only other option (and one that is used often) is back buffer upscaling (taking the lower res game and making it high res). This leads to the worse frame rates and obvious anti-aliasing deficiencies that you see in side by side comparison screen shots (fair ones that is, I've seen online sites with obviously doctored screen shots).

Nothing Sony does will change the GPU flaw they went with. Anyone who says otherwise drank way too much of Ken's kool aid.

Don't even get me started on how the PS3 is becoming less and less technically superior with each new option either...

No SACD. No backwards compatibility with PS2... and the new 80GB one is only 50% compatible with PS2.

Meanwhile every new 360 being built now has HDMI 1.2, which is a big upgrade over the previously lacking units.

The only edge the PS3 has imho is as a Media Center. The 360 is a Media Extender and that imho was a poor idea on MS's part.
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