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Default Re: Defintive Technolgy TRINITY SUB

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Tough to say, I just bought a Def Tech Mythos ST system, actually four of them and the Mythos 10 center and I am hedging on adding the Trinity to the system to just blow out the system.

All are good subs and it really comes down to what you want/need and more importantly what your room needs. I have no experience with the SVS, the Velodynes are OK, but I would go with JL Audio before them nowadays, I truly think JL Audio does a great job with their subs. All my bashing of car audio, I guess I was wrong because these guys really learned how to do bass! The Trinity is off the charts for price/performance and can shake your house off it's foundation if given the chance....

What are your goals?
I'm planning on building a new house with a 25'x35'x10' Rectangular HT room.
I already have the BP7000SCs, which also have great amount of bass.
But I want the best possible overkill bass in this price range and I want it to blend in perfectly with my BP7000SCs.

I've read somewhere about Tom Nousaine's measurements a lot of subwoofers. He did not measure the Trinity, but he measured the SC-I, II, III, & Reference. Overall, I got the idea that he was not very impressed with Def Tech. Of course, he's not the Subwoofer God or anything, but his name is pretty popular in the audio industry.

I also heard on other forums that the SVS Ultra & Epik Conquest outperformed the Trinity, although there are no proofs that I know of.

This made me nervous about buying the Trinity, which I almost did at 4 p.m. today. :-)

I went back & forth in my decision and ended up not buying today. But if you guys highly recommend the Trinity, I may just buy it tomorrow.

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