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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Where are you pricing PS3's?
The top of the line (80G) is $499 with a free game included.
The 40G is $399 with a free movie included.
Oh yea you also get 5 free Blu-Ray movies by mail with both of them.

I'm thinking there are a lot more people with PS3's that know about Blu-Rays that is being reported, for one the 40G comes with a Blu-Ray movie & unless they take the hardware out & toss everything else there is a lot of Blu-Ray info in the box & fliers about the 5 free movies.

As for the games they are great & getting better, it takes a while to learn how to best use the PS3's hardware & now that it's been out a year those games are coming out & will blow away the competition.

Why would I want to tie up my computer for several days to download a 2 hour HD movie?
We are what, 7-10 years away from having a fast enough internet in the states to support HD movie downloads.
Ah, ha... this is where being a techie comes in: Its not in the states yet but just wait. Technology is growing at a blistering pace. You can't keep up with the latest and greatest computer - you just try to stay real close. Here's a news flash.

"Sigbritt Löthberg's home has been supplied with a blistering 40 Gigabits per second connection, many thousands of times faster than the average residential link and the first time ever that a home user has experienced such a high speed."

This person could download a full lenght HD movie in 2 seconds. Here's the link to the rest of the story
I also have inside information about AT&T - they will be soon offering fiber connections to residential customers and it won't take 7-10 years - think more like 2 to 3 for saturation. I work on a T3 connection at work - and according to the rep, what they plan to do will make T3 look like DSL. Stay posted Moose, something wickedly fast this way comes.

As for my PS3 pricing I forgot about the recent discounts and price slashing. The pricing that I ref'd was 60gb/$599 the 80gb/$699 therefore my conclusion (I was actually refering to early adopters who paid top price for their units and what I could do with that type of money).

As far as games go - PS3 doesn't get it - it goes like this
1. Gameplay and fun factor
2. Graphics
3. sound

PS3 didn't get the first rule right with gamers. Eye candy is great but when the game play lags - that's bad. Nothing against the PS3 but it seems more like a swiss army knife, good at a lot of things but there's better out there. Enjoy your PS3 though - its not for everyone but its just right for some (as evident by their sales - figures generally don't lie)
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