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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by prerich View Post
700.00 for the top of the line PS3 is still not worth it - yet.
Where are you pricing PS3's?
The top of the line (80G) is $499 with a free game included.
The 40G is $399 with a free movie included.
Oh yea you also get 5 free Blu-Ray movies by mail with both of them.

I'm thinking there are a lot more people with PS3's that know about Blu-Rays that is being reported, for one the 40G comes with a Blu-Ray movie & unless they take the hardware out & toss everything else there is a lot of Blu-Ray info in the box & fliers about the 5 free movies.

As for the games they are great & getting better, it takes a while to learn how to best use the PS3's hardware & now that it's been out a year those games are coming out & will blow away the competition.

Originally Posted by prerich View Post
Better yet, Microsoft pay all the studios and bring back WMV-HD with protection thats satisfactory for the studios
Why would I want to tie up my computer for several days to download a 2 hour HD movie?
We are what, 7-10 years away from having a fast enough internet in the states to support HD movie downloads.
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