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Default Re: Best 1080p TV on the market up to $2200?

Originally Posted by Darren View Post
Thanks Shainj.

The 65 is a little too big for the room, but it looks like they have the same TV in a 57" size, so I may shoot for that. The Mitsubishi 57833 and the Sony 55A3000 also are looking good to me.

I think I've narrowed it down to a rear projection set.

This is what is so great about this type of information exchange - many opinions based on experience. The Sony you mention is one I also considered. In the end it comes down to the picture that you find has the most WOW appeal and the features that you find important. Don't limit yourself with no room for techno-growth. Even though x.v. Color and Deep Color are not on any commercial sources as of today, it will be coming.
One feature that swayed me toward Mitsubishi is the "six color" color wheel. Besides the standard red, green and blue - they have added cyan, magenta and yellow. You'll find that you will notice a difference in subtle color shade contrasts. Play a disc from the "Planet Earth" Blue Ray or HD DVD series while viewing each set (properly adjusted) and I think you will see a difference. Either way, you can't go wrong with either of the the sets you mentioned or that the other members suggested.
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