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Question Throw distances projectors $3000.-$6000

I have just completed studding our my new theater room (combo room - fireplace and plazma) and would like to know if there are any projectors on the market that have a throw distance of 28 ft?? I plan on having a 9ft. wide x 6ft. screen with speakers mounted behind the screen. Since this is being created as I write I would appreciate any suggestions anyone might have. The room is approx. 27ft. x 15ft. with no outside light. I know I can mount a projector 10 to 20 ft. but don't really want it in my site line, prefer it to be like a movie theater projection booth. The ceilings are 81/2 ft. high.

Since I am blue collar and doing this myself money naturally is as important as quality. In other words the biggest bang I can get for the buck.

I used to have a dedicated home theater room I built many years ago before home theater was the "thing to do" now, so I am familiar with setting up a theater room and appreciate any help anyone is willing to give me about equipement. Speakers, amps, receivers, projectors etc will all be needed to complete this labor of love! Thanks...
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