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Talking Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by Mornelithe View Post
Well, to be frank, I've not yet decided what my most primary function for my PS3 is yet. I can however, say that it's paid for itself already. Not monetarily, but what it allows me to use. One is BR movies of course, then games (of which, I think have 11 at the moment), then media center (I finally figured out...ok, so I finally looked up the instructions on the how-to's) - connected my 250g external HDD to it, has all my pictures, movies, music, etc... , video/voice conferencing. My best friend from High School moved to California many years ago, and we rarely have contact, however, he bought a PS3 also, so we both bought PSEye's, and have been talking to each other rather regularly via the cam, as well as being able to share pictures from current events and things he's missed.

So, currently I use it for BR movies, games, keeping in touch with my buddy Seth, an archive for movies, music, and video that I've accrued throughout my lifetime. Probably more information than you wanted, but it's multi-purpose architecture really is a benefit for me, probably doesn't work for everyone, but hey, that's what stand-alones are for, I guess.

Now you're talkin'! You just made me figure out what it is - its a swiss army knife (for electronics). It's not the best Blu-ray, not the best gaming console, and not the best computer but it does all three. It's a convienence item for those who like component convienence instead of media convienence. I like my media convienient but my components can be as complexed as worlds end! I'm starting to see what you're getting at (still won't buy a PS3 but like I've said before - whoever wins - go ahead and win - get it over already! Sony get the bugs out of BR - studios go to HD-DVD-or HD-DVD pack it in and share your tech with Sony (concerning smoothness of playback and interactive features). Better yet, Microsoft pay all the studios and bring back WMV-HD with protection thats satisfactory for the studios - somebody just win already!
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