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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I can tell you why to buy a stand alone over a PS3. I have owned four stand alone Blu-ray players and recently bought a PS3. (I have a small shopping problem with a propensity for sources) and the PS3 is no where near as good a Blu-ray player as even the first Gen Samsung BDP-1000. The edge detail of the PS3 is weak, and the colors somewhat flat compared to my stand alone players. FWIW when I did the A-B both players were wired with identical HDMI cables through a Meridian HDMI switcher.

I also found the bass reproduction of the PS3 to be a significant step down from my BDP-S1, and the functionality of the PS3 is not great for a player, add to that the noise of the fan in it and I think I have made several reasons to still buy a free standing player....

The PS3 is great fun for games however, and 5.1 audio with your games? Hell, that's worth the price of a PS3 just for that!
Just an FYI, they will be updating to the HD 1.1 profile this month, as well as including the DIVX update for the PS3. I'm not sure if that will help with any of the issues of weak edges and the like, but at least it'll allow the picture in picture et al, that most of the newer BR players have (or the older if you've updated the firmware).

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