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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.


I can tell you why to buy a stand alone over a PS3. I have owned four stand alone Blu-ray players and recently bought a PS3. (I have a small shopping problem with a propensity for sources) and the PS3 is no where near as good a Blu-ray player as even the first Gen Samsung BDP-1000. The edge detail of the PS3 is weak, and the colors somewhat flat compared to my stand alone players. FWIW when I did the A-B both players were wired with identical HDMI cables through a Meridian HDMI switcher.

I also found the bass reproduction of the PS3 to be a significant step down from my BDP-S1, and the functionality of the PS3 is not great for a player, add to that the noise of the fan in it and I think I have made several reasons to still buy a free standing player....

The PS3 is great fun for games however, and 5.1 audio with your games? Hell, that's worth the price of a PS3 just for that!
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