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Cool Re: Best 1080p TV on the market up to $2200?

Are you wanting a plasma, LCD or rear projection DLP television?

I have a Mitsubishi 65734 and couldn't be more pleased.
You may hear some negative aspects about rear projection DLP like needing to change the lamp after about 5000 hours. But this is also a positive aspect - all televisions will lose some of their bright "crisp" attributes over time. But the DLP can be rejuvinated with a change of the lamp. In the case of the Mitsubishi 65734 - the cost is about $250.
Do your research and look at televisions at different stores as they all have differing signal strengths going to their televisions. Before you buy, insist on watching the same sample of video from a Blue Ray or HD DVD player. That is the best way to see what the tv will display at 1080p.
Look at my tv at mitsubi**** to compare specs. But there is no replacement for walking the retail floors and eyeballing the products firsthand.

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