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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Wrong again, the PS3 accounts for 75% of Blu-Ray movies sold.

Check out the recent HD 2.0 conference just held. HD-DVD apparently, was too far ahead *cough*, to attend.

Again, noone has answered to me clearly WHY you would buy a standalone BR player, over a PS3, when the PS3 is more of a deal, provides more functionality and can also act as a media server, video conferencing tool, and so on. Anyway, some more nails in HD-DVD's coffin as far as I'm concerned.

As for the PS3's status in the console war, it's very simple. And moron can code games for the Wii, just as any moron can code games for the 360, because both companies opted to go a lower-tech route than the Sony. Here are the facts:

The 360 has a 3-core PPC Chip that is about as easy to code for as most PC's. The Wii doesn't even remotely use next-gen hardware, so yeah, it's about as difficult as coding for the Gamecube.

The PS3 on the other hand, has an 8-Core CBE (running @ 3.2ghz each, however, in the PS3 one of the SPE's, is supporting the PPE. That requires a whole different way of thinking with regards to developement. The main issue is developers (and not all mind you, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, and internal Sony developers seem to be having no problems with this) have gotten used to OOO coding (Out of Order), whereas the system architecture of the PS3 requires In Order coding. Also, the primary core of the PS3 isn't as good at major number crunching as the primary core of the other consoles/PC's. It's more of a scheduler, and task assigner. The biggest task right now, is developers need to work on diverting as many processes from the PPE to the SPE's (physics, AI, etc..). As stated before, several developers have gotten this down, however, they've only fully utilized 3-4 of the available 7 SPE's (Synergestically Processing Elements).

On top of that, the PS3 also allows for streaming of uncompressed data to the HDD, and the BR disc allows for a much larger amount of uncompressed data to be contained on the disc. In the short term, what it means is that it will take time for developers to fully utilize the system's architecture. In the long term, it means that the PS3 will be the _only_ console able to run certain games in the future, as the size of games and the LACK of RAM in ALL consoles begins to become more and more of an issue.

As for BR being inside the PS3, people seem to think there's no need for it. Wrong. Heavenly Sword was 25 gigs, (and yes, I did like the game alot, regardless of the amount of time it took to beat it). Ergo, that's not happening on the 360...ever. Sony thought ahead when they created the PS3, Microsoft and Nintendo only thought about the short term. It's that simple.


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