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Talking Re: Will Meridian make an HD DVD player?

The difference between us seems to be that if I heard that BD was getting say WB exclusively or a $200 player out I'd jump in joy to post about it. I want this war over, and I don't care who wins, but I want ONE to win.
That is the funniest thing you've written yet.

Do you really think the appearance of your pro-HD DVD agenda is negated by dropping these occasional "format nuetral" comments?

There's nothing wrong with being pro-HD DVD. Nothing at all. But these strange attempts to feign neutrality seem bizarre given the brazenly pro-HD DVD tenor of the rest of your discussions.

p.s. we're not so different. I'd jump for joy if we heard of a $200 BD player too. I suppose Sony isn't as willing to evaporate the meager profit margins for CE manufacturers just yet, given that most companies like to make rather than lose money on hardware sales. Of course, if it's determined that a $200 BD player is what is needed to levy the final ax-blow to end this war, Sony will do it, when its time.

We need a winner so we can get more titles out. The current war is leaving plenty of titles on hold and its not fair to my collection damnit. To me I'm happy one finally has real momentum and want it to build off that momentum because until that 90,000 weekend neither had any momentum of any kind.
Agreed Agreed Agreed. I do have an agenda that I don't need to pretend I don't have: I want that winning format to offer the best possible picture and sound quality heading into our coming decade. For me, that means giving studios a format they can author using 50GB discs with 1.5 the bandwidth of a competing format (I don't think it's coincidence that every exlusive BD studio provides lossless audio on EVERY title, while HD DVD-supporting studios only offer lossless audio sporadically).

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