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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Wal-Mart doesn't report software sales to Nielsen so those weren't included.

Well according to this & many other stories this wasn't such a major change for software sales, Blu-Ray has has a 2-1 software sales lead for a long time.

Blu-ray has yet to lose a week to its rival this year, with Blu-ray holding a 2-to-1 average sales advantage. Achieving a nearly 3-to-1 sales advantage for the important shopping week despite an influx of sub-$100 HD DVD players shows that consumers continue to choose Blu-ray as their preferred high definition format.

I've always maintained that it will be software sales that decides the war, Studios don't sell hardware they sell software & will go to the side that can sell the most movies.
Toshiba & MS can throw all the cash they want at the studios but if the big sales numbers are in Blu-Ray that's where they will end up.
Yea MS has a lot of cash despite the initial failure of Vista to be widely accepted & the fact they have never made a profit on the Xbox consoles shows their willingness to throw money around but how long can Toshiba bleed $$ before it really starts to hurt the company?

It's going to be hard to spin this, despite the fact Toshiba had sold a bunch of players at fire sale prices Blu-ray still creams them on a very important shopping period.
See my thread on the Playstation 3 (Genus,Species and PS3). I ran into people at a local Circut City and they were in the Blu-ray section, I was right next to them in the HD-DVD section - they were picking out random blu-ray movies and asked me a question. They asked me if I would buy the PS3 for 399.00 and the Blu-ray movies. My question was this - what are you using the PS3 for? They replied for gaming of course. And then I explained blu-ray to them and the movie aspect, they didn't care about that but they asked me about games also - many that were only carried on the Wii and/or the Xbox 360.

After it was over - they left with one of the few Wii's left and a ton of games (especially when they compared game prices to that of the PS3's). There are about 2.7 million blu-ray players sold - and 750,000 HD-DVD players sold - what they don't tell you is that 75% or greater of those 2.7 million blu-rays are PS3 and a vast percentage of those never see a Blu-ray movie in their slots. Blu-ray will natrually outsell HD-DVD in software because they have more of it! I own both formats now (blu-ray pc drive for under 200).

I looked at the prices of Blu-ray movies (I've heard on this very forum that blu-rays are cheaper than HD-DVD) and to my amazement - they are about the same price (execpt most of the 30.00 HD-DVD's are dual format and will play in a regular DVD player - Blu-ray what are you doing with your capacity advantage?). Sony/Blu-ray is disguising it's intentions - I don't know if its trying to win the High Def war by using PS3 as a trojan horse for Blu-ray, or if the PS3 is really a gaming machine (it's certainly not winning that war at all - The PS2 still out sells it). I can't wait for downloadable HD content - to me WMV-HD should have been pushed - it looks fabulous and was the only 1080p content available at one time!
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