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Default Genus, Species and the Playstation 3

What exactly is the PS3? What is it marketed as? I believe that's part of its problem.

1. Its marketed as a Blu-ray player - so every playstation bought is counted as a blu-ray player - how many are used for movies and how many are used for something else? This makes it difficult to tell who's really winning this "war". What would it look like if the xbox 360 would have included an HD-DVD drive with the 360?

2. Is it a gaming machine? As a gaming machine its getting killed by the Wii but how many people bought it to be a Blu-ray player (the opposite of the previous statement). Is this why programers seem timid on committing to PS3 for new games.

3. Is it a computer? You can install Linux operating systems on it -with a sizeable HDD. But what will you use it primarily as?

I believe this is part of the PS3's problem - it can't win on more than one front - it has spread itself too thin. Sony should decide what it should be because no one is going to give up their computer for a PS3, no one has won the High Def war, and PS3 is getting killed in the console area because of inferior game support (compared to that of the Wii and Xbox 360 - Wii has lower cost games - Xbox and Wii both have more games). Sony its time to classify this this..... for lack of a better term - this mutt. Find a legitimate breed name for this costly piece of fine machinery and target it - you will do better. Its a shame that the PS2 still out sells the PS3!
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