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Default Re: Will Meridian make an HD DVD player?

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post

I posted my response from Bob Stuart in the relevent threads before I got your response linking that PDF.

While your PDF certainly reveals Meridian's expressed interest in HD DVD in the past, given its age (a year ago) it may or may not reflect the company's current trends. I would think that an email statement directly from Bob Stuart just two days ago would bear some weight. Though I'm not discounting the possibility that the press release might still reflect the company's ultimate goal given that Bob certainly could have been telling me what he did in an effort to keep the company's plans under wraps.

Though it does seem strange that Mr. Stuart would state so clearly that his company had not announced plans when, in fact, that press release had been released a year prior.

I emailed him back and mentioned that press release (providing the link to it that you gave) but I haven't received a subsequent response. That would imply that the company probably is continuing along a path of high-def support but prefers to keep it undiscussed, for the moment. Maybe waiting until CES?

In any case, my desire to have a credible discussion with relevant information (ie, a current email from Bob himself) should NOT be met with such glib remarks from you as calling me a "troll". I've resisted sending such labels your way, despite your demonstrated style time and time again.
Bob didn't contradict that PR in your email. They've never announced a player. They've only stated they're working on players and are a ways off from any discovery from their R&D. They're also members of the BD group so they've very much not picked a side and as they said are working on players. Notice the plural.

You posted it in multiple threads as if it was this amazing news. Working on a player and announcing a player are two different things. However we know they have an HD DVD player of some kind in development, they've admitted it (grudgingly).

If I jumped in multiple threads pointing to the links from research groups that are for the first time predicting a HD DVD victory that would look like I had an agenda.

The difference between us seems to be that if I heard that BD was getting say WB exclusively or a $200 player out I'd jump in joy to post about it. I want this war over, and I don't care who wins, but I want ONE to win. We need a winner so we can get more titles out. The current war is leaving plenty of titles on hold and its not fair to my collection damnit. To me I'm happy one finally has real momentum and want it to build off that momentum because until that 90,000 weekend neither had any momentum of any kind.
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