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Originally Posted by m_a_simons View Post
Make most CES shows, not all.
Was pretty shocked last nite when I was able to book 2 days at Hilton for $76/nite.
Even Mandalay Bay/THE Hotel was available, albeit at several times that price.

Has vegas gotten that overbuilt, or has recession actually hit ?

(typically I wait last minute, and always find something; coming from san diego its no big deal)
where'd you find that rate? our "broker" just found us rooms at the Flamingo at $150/night but the CES site shows nothing at either of those hotels still available and nothing at any hotel anywhere near $76. this will be my 37th straight year attending CES and I've always managed to find a convenient room but this year appears to be busier than most and there are far fewer hotel bargains than usual - somewhat surprising given the incredible increase in the number of rooms in Vegas compared to our first show there in the early 80s.
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