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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
As for all your other number crunching (spinning?) as long as Blu-Ray movies are out selling HD-DVD movies HD-DVD is in trouble, the fact they are behind 2-1 in movie sales even with all the stand alone's sold tells me they are in serious trouble!
Those numbers aren't in yet. Standalones had a 9% edge before November.

You also don't realise that 2 times nothing is NOTHING.

You think Studios care that BD has almost twice as much software sales?

They don't if they did, Paramount would have told MS to take a hike. When a movie does $300M in DVD sales but $3M in BD they dont exactly jump up and down in joy. They realize their other title that did $30M in DVD sales has only done $50K in BD sales.

When $50M can buy your loyalties to a format, that says that the other format is in serious trouble.

The real fact is that both are in serious trouble. The only glimpse of hope for either side is that one of them finally sold over 100,000 units in a month and is now selling in one week what they used to sell in an entire month and that doesn't look to change much.

That is not spinning thats just looking at it without blue glasses or red glasses on. All I see are numbers. You see Blue and others see Red. I see the numbers.

I think its screwed up that people say "spinning numbers," just because they point out factual mathmatic evidence that for BD to stay on top then PS3 sales have to be proportionate to the HD DVD sales boost. For BD to remain on top they must sell 7.7 times as many PS3s to each HD DVD player sold. They didn't do that in November. They may do that in December.

I just don't see them doing it. Software sales will change as long as the PS3 is incapable of keeping that lead. It was easy to do when only 18,000 units were being sold a month. 75,000 units a month will put pressure on PS3 sales.
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