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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Well, see it how you will, the software sales (discluding games, 21 mil in BR Games), speak for themselves. Hardware, means nothing at this time. If it did, then HD would be leading in software sales. Right?

And as for the PS3's sales, i'm honestly not worried. The serious games that most PS3 owners and Sony fans purchased/will purchase their systems for, have yet to come out. The Gran Turismo series has sold an average of 10 mil units per version. Then, of course, there's the Final Fantasy series, Tekken series, Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2 and so on.

Microsoft was great in getting their product out as fast as they could, which is confirmed with the failure rate of the hardware, and the lack of several key features that make it's ability to maintain in a rapidly evolving gaming industry much diminished in the face of the PS3's mandatory HDD and BR player. HDD and 25-50g disc's allow for less compression and streaming, allowing the machine to circumvent, to a certain degree RAM inadequacies (which both consoles suffer from). So, in the short run, the PS3 is trailing, in the long run, the PS3 will be the only console able to run the higher end games.

But, I digress, BR is still winning in overall sales. And I'm not just talking the US sales.

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