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Default Re: Will Meridian make an HD DVD player?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

FWIW, Meridian has been dropping DVD-A, first with the F80, the new G95 also doesn't support it, and the new G98 won't either. Only the 800 will continue to support DVD-A so I'd be surprised if any HD disc formats supported it as well.

I would rather see everyone go straight to the new high def formats for audio as well.....
This is true (albeit I haven't seen anything on a 'new G98') and it's a curious move for one of the founding fathers of DVD-A that it is dropped from the latest units.

My concern is I don't really want to use >1 player if I ever moved to HD disc spinners

not the kind of money a significant number of buyers are willing to bet on one format or the other
You bet. Once bitten twice shy for me and who's going to bet their house that either format will be still thriving in 5 years.....
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