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Default Re: Playstation 3 as Blu-Ray player.

Love my PS3...the effect it has on regular DVDs is nothing short of astonishing, especially after the online download of updated firmwere!! That is an absolute must for all PS3 owners - do it today if you've not already done so. I find that the heat problem is eliminated if you buy the stand that allows it to be stable in the upright position -- the discs also stay a LOT cooler in that position and the stand has some cool blue lights that can be turned on or off. I also purchased the DVD remote and the bluetooth keyboard which is handy if you like to do online searches, etc. via the PS3. I store pics and music on the system as well as use it for games and DVDs & Blu-Ray - it is altogether an ASTONISHING piece of equipment - no wonder SONY is losing $300 on each machine compared to the cost to build it. It is a significant bargain and should not be passed up! Happy watching - and BTW, the larger your screen the more you will appreciate what Blu-Ray has to offer. I have a 50" SXRD rear projector and a 100" LCD front projector and both are stunning with a good Blu-Ray disc - try STARGATE for instance.
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