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Default Re: Final Sopranos Episode Makes Viewers Think Their DVR Was Broken

Bob from PureLink says: The ending of the Sopranos was pretty brilliant, although it took me till the next morning to understand it. First, we see Phil get
whacked. Then we see Tony and family move back home. AJ goes from alienation and joining the army to getting a new job on a movie plus a new BMW. So much for being alienated, he goes back to being the AJ we always knew.

Tony is out back, raking the leaves, looking at the sky through the trees, feeling pretty good about how things worked out....he is calm and at ease. Carmela comes out, tells him dinner at 7 at a diner, not Vesuvios.

From these, the plot devices include cut away shots to all the people in the diner or coming into the diner, while the college educated, law-school wannabe Meadow cant paralell park, just to build tension in us viewers and remind us she is still in need of her family. He teases us with two African American teens walking in plus a goobah at the counter who gives Tony the eye, which Tony barely acknowledges. For all we know, he could be a new bodyguard for Tony.

While all this is going on, Journey (steve perry) is sining "life goes on, and on, and on, and on......screen shot of Tony, Perry sings "dont stop......screen fades to black on "believing". Thats it. Life goes on. Tony and Carm and the kids return to their life. Sil recovers, he is only wounded. Chris had to go, along with Bobby, but Paulie, Sil, and Tony, the core group are still there.

It was pretty cool in my opinion, not what we expected, but very effective.
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