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Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
Most corporations (including DTS) must continually evaluate all of the financial, practical and political implications of each business decision... and these days, will rarely support any action whereby the "pain" is likely to outweigh the "gain."

The old business model definitely had flaws for an audience this size. Retail stores were clueless about Surround Audio in terms of demonstration, formats and where to even stock them in the store.

The new business model that should work much better will be like the on-line boutique labels such as Rhino Homemade, Hip-O to get rare vault items directly into the hands of the consumers.

Just a few weeks ago Warner's had a soft launch with vinyl and DVD-Audio items. Granted the initial offerings were all vinyl, the site has seen a deluge of DVD-A requests and they responded that we should see some activity on that front by July.

Would you know if the rights of the masters DTS used have expired or are they just sitting on them? If they have no intention of re-issuing DTS CDs or DVD-As I have to wonder about the disposition of the masters and someone else grabbing the ball with them.

We were surprised recently to find that the Band On The Run DTS CD with the first 3 notes clipped off was quietly corrected! (we being the forum community)
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