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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by Mornelithe View Post
Oh yeah, here's some more info for ya'll:

Blu-ray looks like they've smacked the crap outta HD, of course, with both sides playing with their figures, who knows what the true # is. Bottom line though, PS3 is making this a very lopsided 'war'.


Is the PS3 really getting beaten that bad here in the states? Only 2.4M PS3s sold? They are getting it handed to them by MS and Nintendo. That isn't even competitive. So they claim to be positive they will have 11M sold worldwide by Dec. 31st.

That means what only 3M in the US? They are seriously getting it handed to them. They sold 1M units last year, but only 1.4M units since then? That is horrible. They've shipped something like 9M units in the US to date. That means 6.6M units on shelves? Nearly 3 times the total number sold since November last year? That is scary bad.

Neither side is playing with figures they're just counting both. If you don't count both the number is around 480,000 to 310,000. Since we knew from other sources that the number was 420,000 to 290,000. We also know the week of Black Friday that 60,000 HD DVD players were sold to the 20,000 BD players.

HD DVD is killing BD in non-console related hardware sales. So they have to add the PS3 to look good. The HD DVD PRG will announce the non-add ons at 500,000 units likely next week once it's official then they'll state that 1M total has been reached by the end of the year (with about 600,000 of them stand alones).
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