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Default Re: Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD Player Reviewed

Trust me, I read this review over many times when proofing it and laying it out.

If you are referring to this line, "This is currently the only box that can actually digitally strip out the high-res soundtracks from HD DVD and Blu-ray players that are using the HDMI output and convert it into optical or digital coaxial audio to run into your receiver or AV preamp." then you might be reading too much into it.

All the above quote is saying is that the switcher can take the high-res soundtracks from the player and then re-encode at a S/PDIF bandwidth acceptable audio track for toslink output. It in no way states that it will send high-resolution multichannel PCM audio out through the toslink connection. Yes, the player can also decode the high-resolution soundtracks and output the core sound through the toslink jack, however this paragraph was talking about if you needed an HDMI switcher in your system. This switcher would allow you to connect the player via HDMI bitstream and still receive audio through the toslink adapter. That's all, nothing more.
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