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Default Outlaw Audio Special "Sonic Boom" Offer

With the Holiday Shopping Season well under way, it's time for the Outlaws to get into the swing of things with our December Flash Promotion. Since everything seems to move at supersonic speed during the last month of the year, we've decided to give Santa's sleigh a special sonic boom that will come not from the speed of his sleigh, but from the deep bass power of our LFM series subwoofers.

For two weeks only, between now and midnight on Friday, December 14th, we're giving the sound of Santa's sleigh a Sonic Boom with dramatically reduced prices that also put more boom in your budget:

The Outlaw LFM-2 Subwoofer
For powerful bass in small rooms, the LFM-2 is the clear choice. Its 8" driver and150 watt amplifier deliver performance well beyond what you would expect from a modestly sized cabinet. Now, the best gets even better with a 20% price reduction that lets Santa (with some help from Federal Express) bring you an LFM-2 for only $239. That's $60 off the everyday price!

The LFM-1 Compact Subwoofer
"Compact" describes the price and size of our LFM-1 Compact, but its performance is anything but small. Thanks to a 10" driver and 225 watt amplifier, you'll be shaking the tree down to 25 Hz for only $339, a $60 discount from the normal price of $399!

The LFM-1 EX Subwoofer
Thanks to dual ports, a 12" driver and a 350 watt amplifier the LFM-1 EX delivers accurate bass performance down to 16 Hz, but don't worry, as with all Outlaw Audio subwoofers it is down-firing, so you won't blow out any holiday candles! Between now and December 14 th, you'll save $100, bringing the LFM-1 EX to your door for only $549 plus shipping! This is the greatest price ever for our best subwoofer.

This year, Santa's boost comes from more than milk and cookies, thanks to these incredible Sonic Boom discounts on what are already the best subwoofer values on the market.

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