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Tee, nice setup. I have a question for you now, are these the same AR9`s I remember from years ago? Acoustic Research`s flagship speaker? I have not seen these in a while!! In fact, I have not seen or heard AR`s name in a while, either!!

Sorry the AR 9's are a newer version sort of (2000-2001) they are a different design from the early days. The Hi-Res series was the flagship line of Acoustic Research when AR and NHT were under the same roof. The parent company (Recoton) ran into financial problems and sold NHT to try an save them. They filed bankruptcy then AR was sold to Audiovox who took on all of AR's debt, the cable division was sold (GE) seperatly as well. Sorry for the back story but the good ol days and legacy of AR are no more.
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