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Default Re: Playstation 3 as Blu-Ray player.

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
One important way it ISN"T the best is DVD playback. Yuck.

If you haven't done the 1.8 update, then this may be an inaccurate criticism. I say "may" because I have done the update, and while I see some improvement, it's not dramatic. I'm using a 37" screen though - has anyone reviewed it on a large screen?

But here's the point: One of the great things about the PS3 is how easy it is to update with new functionality, bug fixes, etc. Compared to AV equipment manufacturers who typically make it painful to accomplish firmware and software upgrades (download, try to understand cryptic instructions, burn to CD or hook a laptop into your device...), this is a beautiful thing! One minute the PS3 has no 1080p upscaling, 10 minutes later it does!

I haven't seen much praise for Sony in the press for adding upscaling, but they surely are on the right track, and other manufacturers should follow their lead.
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