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Default Re: Bel Canto Amplication

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
I didn't have any issues when using my Mac as a source, however, I did control the volume via the S300iu. I don't know much about PC's anymore since being a Mac convert some years ago but Mac's have two places to adjust volume, one in iTunes or on the keyboard and another is in the system pref menus. Is it possible your PC has an overall system pref to control total volume output that is to low? With my Mac's volume set around 75% to 100% I had plenty of room to play with the S300iu's volume giving me all the room filling sound I needed. In terms of gain, the Denon was a bit louder out of the gate but I was able to match levels successfully with my computer.
Thanks for the reply Andrew.
John replied saying that the windows volume should be set to 100. I verified with my friend and indeed it was set very low. For some unknown reason the ASIO drivers do NOT completely bypass windows (crappy) kmixer and for the S300iu to work fine, the volume must have been set to max in windows controls.

Besides this, John said to me that the difference is about 7-8dB between the CDP source and the USB input DAC.

My computer source won't use XP and the player that I'm going to use XXhighend (in Vista) completely bypass windows volume controls.
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