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Default Re: Why do people dislike Firmware updates??

Because unless the player or device is continuously connected to a source for the update it is impossible to expect the average consumer to do update their device.

My DVR gets updated constantly without even asking or telling me. My 360 tells me before a game is played. That's cool both are connected to a source (satelite, internet) all the time so it's not a big deal.

However most people don't have internet pulls to their TVs or DVD players. They don't have the wiring for it. So you shouldn't expect a player to need it.

Something like 25% of the Spiderman BDs were returned to Best Buy because "it won't play." I've heard larger numbers but I'll believe the 25%.

A firmware update is worse than a rebate. Something like only 30% of all rebates ever get turned in. Firmware updates on devices is much, much, much less than that. Being connected constantly to the internet helps.

I'd much rather a movie play in my machine and not need any updates at all.
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