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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
I agree with you that since the add-on is specifically purchased with movie-playback in mind, that it accurately points to a meaningful attach-rate figure. We can only hypothosize about attach-rates for BD given the uncertainty about what percentage of PS3 players are used for movie-playback (corresponding with add-on use) and those used primarily for gaming. However, one must also concede that leaving all PS3s out of an attach-rate evaluation, while applying 360-add-ons for the HD DVD camp, skews the comparison between the two since it omits a meaningful portion of BD movie watchers, even though that exact figure cannot be determined.
Again the numbers are out there for PS3 usage, people like Parks Associates and others quote numbers from Sony often.
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