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Default Re: Onkyo drops HD DVD player...

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post

Unless BD maintains its 3:1 software sales increase over HD DVD inspite of HD DVD's increased hardware sales numbers.
That's not going to happen. The majority of the software is bought by standalone player owners. Those numbers aren't going to change. The question is, will standalone players increase at a rate that is better than PS3 sales.

In other words is the current increase in hardware sales for HD DVD good enough to slowly pick away at the 2 to 1 lead. One weeks numbers dont make the others go away.

The answer is more than likely. The numbers game shows that PS3s have to outnumber HD DVD players significantly to keep the sales edge. While PS3 sales are up they don't match the massive influx that happened within the first 3 months of the PS3 being out.

So the current spike in sales for HD DVD if it continues (and so far it appears to be) shows that HD DVD should at some point pass BD in Software sales. Unless the PS3 can start selling about 1M a month.
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