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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Wal-Mart doesn't report software sales to Nielsen so those weren't included.

Well according to this & many other stories this wasn't such a major change for software sales, Blu-Ray has has a 2-1 software sales lead for a long time.

Blu-ray has yet to lose a week to its rival this year, with Blu-ray holding a 2-to-1 average sales advantage. Achieving a nearly 3-to-1 sales advantage for the important shopping week despite an influx of sub-$100 HD DVD players shows that consumers continue to choose Blu-ray as their preferred high definition format.

I've always maintained that it will be software sales that decides the war, Studios don't sell hardware they sell software & will go to the side that can sell the most movies.
Toshiba & MS can throw all the cash they want at the studios but if the big sales numbers are in Blu-Ray that's where they will end up.
Yea MS has a lot of cash despite the initial failure of Vista to be widely accepted & the fact they have never made a profit on the Xbox consoles shows their willingness to throw money around but how long can Toshiba bleed $$ before it really starts to hurt the company?

It's going to be hard to spin this, despite the fact Toshiba had sold a bunch of players at fire sale prices Blu-ray still creams them on a very important shopping period.

I'm enjoying my cheap fire-sale hd-dvd and loving it! I just bought a Blu-ray so I can compare the two side by side. I don't care who wins this war now. I bought the blu-ray because it went under 200.00 on Newegg (got tired of waiting for the combo player to restock). Will this make me buy tons of blu-ray software - I don't think so. I will test the software in my computer (just like I did HD-DVD) and proceed from there. If the blu-ray PC drive performs well - then you might get $250.00 out of me for a stand alone. I was an early adopter for DVD - paid $600.00 for that player - I will never do it again. Both formats are great, but HD-DVD has the right pricing in mind (blu-ray has caught the vision in the PC world - why not the stand-alones)?
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