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Default Re: Onkyo drops HD DVD player...

That won't happen. Universal Players wont become accepted until they can get around $300. By then the war will be over.

Unless something changes dramatically soon, HD DVD is pulling away. Those 3 to 1 hardware sales numbers (and that is player vs player, not addons or PS3s) are extremely significant because since the conception of the war nobody has had a better than 60% sales lead, not its growing.

If HD DVD reaches 1M (not counting addons) while BD is sitting on 600k to 700k worth of players (and it's more likely to be 1M to 500k a clear 2 to 1 advantage) the studios will start jumping.

Once BD loses the Studio edge the whole thing will collapse. Sony should have beaten the $$$ offer from MS and Toshiba to Paramount and Dreamworks.
Unless BD maintains its 3:1 software sales increase over HD DVD inspite of HD DVD's increased hardware sales numbers.
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