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Default Re: B&W Speakers Owners - Post about Bowers & Wilkins Speakers

In the past year I have been looking at 5 different speaker company's and have finally settled on B & W which to me sounded the best in my price range. I have been looking at the 802D's and thought at first that I would use a P5 to power them because I was told that they are power hungry. After doing more research I was going to get the CA-5200 and use four of the channels to power them and the last for a center channel. This got me thinking again that maybe I should use the Ref1000's for half the price and use the remaining money to buy a Fathom f113 which is the subwoofer that I have been saving to get for the past two years.

Now I am more confused than ever does any B & W owners out there have some good advice and I know that it comes down to preference to sound quality and that my ears are the best for that determination, but there is so many options and combinations that some feed back is much appreciated.
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